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    Burma border reopens temporarily

    Bangkok Post 28 Aug 2007

    Kanchanaburi (TNA) - The Thai-Burmese border crossing at Three Pagodas Pass in this western province was reopened Tuesday after being closed for five months.

    On the border at Three Pagoda Pass, in Sangkhla Buri district, some 350 km northwest of Bangkok, authorities from Thailand and Burma jointly witnessed the reopening of the border gate by a Burmese government official following an order by his country's government.

    Traffic at the border point will be allowed exclusively for a tin mining concessionaire to transport tin into Thailand. The company is under contract to the Rangoon government.

    Temporarily the border has been opened for three days only, between August 28 and 30, after which it will be closed again until September 6 when nationals of both countries will be allowed to cross the border.

    Burmese authorities sealed the border at Three Pagoda Pass for the last five months without giving any reason.
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