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    I was looking for an aftermarket exhaust.

    I didn't want to pay 20,000b for one that costs less than half that in the West.

    The other options were Thai ones.

    No dyno available.
    No regulations (noise)
    Questionable quality and after sales.

    DBS, PR2 etc etc.

    Simply put, you don't know what you're buying, until you buy it and put it on. Often it will be to Thai tastes - LOUD at the expense of torque and performance.

    I then looked up Delkevic. A UK company. UK noise emissions. UK quality. UK warranty. Dyno supplied for every model.

    The price, 120 pounds sterling. I went for it.

    Because it is shipped to Thailand, 20 pounds was deducted because it was UK VAT! so 100 pounds.

    Shipping was fantastic, it arrived 2 1/2 days later at my house in Bangkok. The shipping was (iirc) 40 pounds.

    I was expecting to be shafted by the courier company (DHL), I had asked for them to mark it as a gift and address it to my Thai wife's name.

    The customs due... 900 baht.

    The total cost for pipe, delivery and customs... 7,500 baht.

    cheaper than a DBS that is LOUD, has no dyno, no regulations, no anything.

    It sounds and runs fantastic with it. I had a Thai pipe on it before. The missus hated it (Dek Wan, they all said, loud and obnoxious, killed the low and mid end). She liked this (sounds like a proper big bike she said, haha. It is only a CBR250 after all.)

    I would definitely recommend Delkevic for anybody in Thailand looking for a pipe and not wanting to pay silly money for Western brands, or the money they cost in the West for a local made one that is a gamble in performance, loudness and quality.
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