A trip to Nan to meet up with Dougal Co

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    Nikster and me decided to go to Nan on Sat the 10th to meet up with Dougal & 2 other buddies coming up from Bkk/Chonburi. Nikster was as always on his trusty Versys and me plus ‘fan’ on the FJR.
    We couldn’t make a distance at the beginning as it turned out very difficult to find a petrol station for Nikster where he could fill up his tyres and measure the pressure too. I am sure in the future he’ll carry a small manometer under his seat…..
    We rode the 118 to Mae Ka Chan and via Wiang Nua to Phayao, of course this was done in no time, further on the 1091 to Pong where we got a delicious duck noodlesoup to have enough energy for the second part of the trip that day.
    Onto the 1092 and then on the 1148. On the junction of these roads we met up with David B. who came down from his home in Chiang Khong on his R1150 and Geoff who also rode from CNX on a Baja 250.
    It was always difficult to follow Nikster through the twisties as he is a very quick one, sometimes when I pushed a little more I got a reminder through knee pressure and being beaten on my back that my pillion not always appreciated my push for more speed 555555
    We made good progress and took the Phua-Nan road for our way into Nan. Parts of the road are being extended and this will be another amazing road in this Changwat.
    In Nan I booked the Eurngkhum Hotel after TonyBkk recommended it, thanks for that Tony, price of THB 350 a night is really low for what you get. Brekkie as always we got at Hot Bread. Nikster stayed at the Nan Boutique Hotel as also his lovely wife and the elder son joined us for dinner at the river at one of the ‘sidewalk’ eateries.
    It was not as crowded as usual, I think that was because of the low temperatures experienced during evening until morning.
    We were expecting Dougal & Co to arrive in Nan on Sunday evening so we decided to meet them at the Nan-side ferry pier at Sirikit dam.
    We made good progress up to Nan Noi where we took a short burst on the 1162, an amazing vehicle free, good tarmac twisty road, but only up to the first village in the hills from where we turned back again for further progress towards Na Muen.
    We got some good views on that bridge and again stopped for photo & cigarette…..
    I am very thankful to Nikster who made all the pictures on his iP, me as usual forgot the camera (maybe on purpose ?......)
    David as the local expert on all Thai roads told us then to always carry on straight until we hit the ferry, which we did, until we ended up in the middle of nowhere on a dead-end dirttrack, not even the expert did know where we now were.
    We turned back and tried in vain to find the turnoff we have missed, only then to know that we have gone far too deep into the hills.
    Nik and me then took a turn where we saw a sign telling us that this road leads to Phrae. It was the 4041 if I remember right. To our surprise this road was all paved in concrete but mostly overgrown. Our surprise then changed to tears of sweat as we have never been on such a steep road as this one. Me having one pillion and the already overheavy FJR & myself had to use 1st gear PLUS brakes to go down on the other side, what a pain for my wrists…..but the scenery made good for all suffering. We then did as we usually do, head in a direction we think might lead us north to Nan again and were right. Just before we hit the 101 we had another refreshment of beverage and fried bananas….
    We arrived well before Dougal & Co and Geoff & David B. so had some time to nurture our aching bodies before heading to the Nan river for dinner.
    At that time Dougal’s lovely wife and ‘daughter’ were also joining us as they were the back-up/controlling team in a car 55555555…….
    Dinner by the river with some beer made it a nice evening again. Next day in the morning as every day I took a coffee and cigarette outside our room only to freeze my nuts off, incredible cold it got during that night.
    Brekkie then at Hot Bread again and that’s were our ways parted again. Nik and me made our way back via the amazing 1091 via Chiang Muean and it is always an marvellous view:
    Blast back via Phayao, Mae Kachan and a last coffee at the Bangchak station in Doi Saket brought a nice end to a pleasure trip again.
    So thanks to all we met, it was a pleasure to see Peter & Thawee again after such a long time and as usual the real fun you have while riding with Nikster.
    Cheers, Franz
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Fantastic trip report and that last picture is amazing! Look forward to catching up with you guys in the New Year! Happy Trails! Tony

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