Advice on where to buy bike to start my SEA tour ?

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - Road Trip Reports' started by pangy, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Hi guys, i`m a Singaporean came back from Vietnam this year. I did some solo riding on a Yamaha Nouvo that i bought in Hoi An and she took me up to Hanoi (18days). I`m pretty excited when i stumbled across this website and it provides tons of details :). As i no longer own a bike in Singapore, i wished to buy a bike in South East Asia where i can get to cross boarders without much hassle. I read that some countries does not allow other bikes to enter :(

    I wished to cover 4 countries mainly Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam probably within 4-5 months period . I am thinking of this plan and not sure if it`s doable, Kindly advice.

    1) Buy a bike in Hanoi - ride down to hcmc - enter cambodia - enter laos - enter Chang Rai
    2) Buy a bike in Chang mai - enter Laos (ride down south) - enter Cambodia - enter HCMC

    Which country is most ideal for me to purchase an inexpensive bike to start ? And yes, anyone else keen in doing this ? :lolno:
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