Can you have fun under 65 MPH?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by BignTall, May 24, 2006.

  1. BignTall

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    I had intended to come over to Chiang Mai for 6 months and do some off-road exploring in Thailand/Laos/Cambodia. I've buggered the knee up and need some surgery which will keep me tarmac only riding for the first 3 months.

    A question for the tea sipping conglomerate A.K.A. GT-riders list:

    Can you have enough fun on the roads in northern Thailand on an XR 250 w/supermotard rim and tires and taller gearing?

    I can either buy a road machine (i.e.five12dude's TDM 850) and potter around on the pavement or get a plated XR 250 w/the motard rims and tires from Peter at Siam Superbike.

    The only tarmac roads i've done so far in CNX are up to Doi Inthanon, Doi Sutthep, and Samoeng. On a Baja 250 the only boring part for me was the slog out to Doi Inthanon, where a bigger bike would be better.

    So would Davids loops and trips be fun enough on a taller geared XR 250 w/17" motard rims and tires? Or do I commit to a larger streetbike?
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  3. SilverhawkUSA

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    If you read many of my posts, you will see that I have both a TDM850 and a Suzuki Djebel 250 (very similar to the Baja 250, also bought from Peter). I ride the 250 FAR more than I do the TDM. It is so much easier to handle in the city and you can pretty much fling it around where you want on the mountain roads, paved or otherwise.

    If you are doing a lot of two up riding it would be underpowered in the mountains but even doing that is not all that bad. Plan your routes so that you avoid the stretches like you did down through Hang Dong to Doi Inhanon, when you can, and you will still have great time.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  4. scot harper

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    raceo's The hawk was right 2 up on a 250 would be a drag, but a 250 motard with some old race tires, mate wot a hoot. Loft'n comeing out of those 2nd gear crns, an slid'n on the others would be moto heaven. The may hon son is motard ready, mate plan to ride, bring some 17" stickies with you, you won't regret it[}:)]
    Scott...Your either on the gas or on the brakes, nothin in between!
  5. Peter R

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    Scott mate your are so right, I have a CRF450 with some sexy gold 17" Talons fitted with some sticky Maxxis slicks, racing discs and a bit of other bling. It also has the loudest exhaust I have ever heard. Its so much bloody fun it should be illegal, well I think it is actually, but a nice crisp reddy solves most problems.
  6. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Dave: Thanks for input. Looks like it'll be a 250 on the tarmac for a bit then. The bikes are my excuse for times with the gents, heaven's no, no touring with the gal. How else am I to uncover seedy joints in outlying villages[:D].

    Scot I think your dreaming a bit lofting the front end of the XR out of second gear corners. Maybe if I thrash the tits off the clutch plates. The poor things barely make enough HP to get out of their own way sadly. Now backing it in, that can be done. Of course if Peter sells me his CRF 450 then we're talking. Peter its a dangerous bike for you and you should be thinking about your wife and family instead of selfishly hoisting the front end through Bangkok. I'm only being altruistic here when I say I'll save you the grief, and take it off your hands for generous 100k[:D].

    Did any of you go to the Motard races in Bangkok last weekend?
  7. Peter R

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    100K The wheels and hubs cost 1100USD alone !! Its an offroad or track bike only so not much danger of me lofting my wheel thru Bangkok. I did see one nutter on a chicken chaser do a full on wheelie for at least 200 M last night on the wrong side of the road at 5.30 Pm (near peak traffic time) AT least he had a helmet on. I agree tho, the XR 250 is anice little bike but pretty gutless, still been good to me though in the last 18 months sold 23 of the little Buggers, In fact 1 yesterday to someone from up in yr area. I got a nice DRZ400 SM coming in Monday, but sadly these bikes are quite expensive, great bike though! Not much heavier than the XR with twice the grunt.
    Re Motard at Seacon,I didn't make it out there, had the bike loaded up and ready go but got waylaid by a customer before I could get out the door.
  8. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer


    23 XR 250's in 18 months[8)], congrats!! I guess they are popular as traffic busters in the capital there. Now the CRF X or WR250 version with the push button starts would be a great upgrade from a lowly XR 250 but I don't see any push buttons available, only the kickstart motocrossers. You ever see any push button CRF or YZf?

    Do you ever get the Kawasaki KLX 300?

    It was nice to see Matt at Seacon kick the camshaft crews rear end with his CR500 two stroke motard. Smokey old school teaching the new fours strokes a thing or two. After watching him race that thing you can see its an evil beast to ride.
  9. Peter R

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    I have tried other bikes but the Honda is the only one that sells, I suspect its just the brand familiarity. The offroaders with Motard wheels are very popular as "traffic busters" in the Mango, as well as being economical Transport.
    You gotta hand it to Matt he knows how to get around a track on anything.

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