Chiang Khan to Khong Chiam

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    Left Chiang Khan on Jan 16th and rode on the 211 around to Nong Khai, I Really want to do this trip in the wet season one year as I would love to see the Mekong in its full glory near to bursting. This is a strange thing for an Englishman to admit to as all we do in England is moan about the rain every time we want to go out on our bikes, But I guess it is different here in Thailand as at least it is warm rain and probably doesnt rain as long as it does back home. It is a reasonably pleasant trip to Nong Khai, Not bad roads. I personally quite like Nong Khai, I always stay at Chong Khol guest house overlooking the Mekong for 100 Baht a night. The weather was much better today than yesterday. Next morning I go to the Danish bakery for the buffet breakfast for 95 Baht and suitably stuffed with bacon eggs and sausages I leave staying on the 212 and riding to Nakhon Phanom. I probably wont do this journey again as I did it last year and both times found it boring and very dusty and as far as I am concerned Nakhon Phanom is just a stopover with nothing to recommend it, I stay in a noisy hotel for 160 Baht which according to my lonely planet book is the cheapest place in town. Next morning its the 212 to Mukdahan which I am looking forward to as it means I can get off this boring highway. I go and look at the new bridge being built and speak to the Japanese engineers about it. I think it should open late 06 according to them, Apparently the mekong is now only about two-three metres deep in the middle and goes up about fifteen metres in the wet season. I have a friend who lives near Mukdahan and he says it is awesome at full flow with whole trees hurtling down it. I leave Mukdahan and take the 2034 which turns onto the 2242 just before Khommarat then the 2112 to Khong Chiam. All the way I follow as close as I can to the Mekong but not so exciting now just quite flat countryside. I notice it is a lot warmer now that I have got further south. I stay at the Apple guest house for 150 Baht. The internet is a bit slow here but the worst thing is no western food so I have to eat Thai food for the first time in about three weeks. Its one of only two places I have stayed in my four months here that western food is not available.
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