Chiang Mai / Pai / Mae Lana - 2 days

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    Hi GT riders !

    I'll be in CM for the lantern festival this year but I plan to realise a 2-days trip before that to discover that beautiful region.

    My idea is

    Day 1 :
    Chiang Mai
    Mok Fa waterfall
    MuangPang hotspring

    Day 2 :
    Mae Lana village
    Pai canyon
    Chiang Mai

    Is it possible to do it in 2 days ? I'll ride a Honda Phantom 200 with one passenger.
    I consider myself as an "OK rider", that is : 5 years of semi-professional downhill mountainbike, living for 6 months in Cambodia riding XR250 (enduro) or Suzuky Volty 200 (road), thousands of kilometers as a passenger with my dad in the French Alps. Which I consider as a good mix for trajectories, ability to react quickly, knowledge of riding with a passenger and good understanding of "Thai road rules".

    I'm looking for advices, updates on roads and weather or any good stuff you can recommand.
    Thank you very much

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