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    Read through the site and hats off to the enthusiasts laying it out and contributing loads to the forum. Hopefully in a couple months I will be able to give back. I'm due over in 6 weeks to reside in Chiang Mai for six months or so and want to explore by bike extensively (preferably on and off road). Did an offroad 8 am-7 pm ride there with Ya a few months back that started in Doi suithep (sp?) and ended gawd knows where. All off road in a torrential downpour, with the trails two feet deep under water, 3 foot deep ruts, slime, rocks, etc. For this southern California native that only rides in sunshine and has never seen mud before...Wow!! What a hoot. Ended the day with 6 stitches and a smile a mile wide.

    Sooo if you were coming over what are some of the bike riding things I should bring over that are not so obvious? I.E. spare parts, upgraded components, things that are hard to come by, Camelback, etc. Help fill the duffel bag for me[:D]

    Is an Aerostitch (thick cordura, gore-tex, armored) two piece suit overkill?

    How'z about GPS? Is their a particular model that is favored for Thailand? What about downloadable GPS maps to purchase? Are they available?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to drowning a few with the Northern bikers soon.
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    Try some searches for helmets, jackets, etc. There have been lots of posts about riding gear and what is and is not available in Thailand. Prices are high, and selection is limited - especially big sizes.

    You will roast in a full suit. Most of us tour in armored mesh jackets, and use a rain shell for extra warmth if needed.

    Tough to bring spare parts unless you know what bike you will be riding. Camelbacks are available in Chiang Mai.


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    Thanks for the tips Bob. I'll bring most of the personal gear for riding. I already have in Chiang Mai leathers, boots, and helmet for trips to Bira[:)]. Just need to load up on the dirt bike stuff now while I'm still stateside.

    If I ride (and crash) a 250 Baja most of the time over there would it be advisable to bring some spares that are hard (or expensive)to come by in Thailand? Does anybody on the board ride or know about the weakness of the Honda Baja 250 and if anything from the states would be wise to bring over for it?

    When trolling Chiang Mai looking for coverage of the GP's, F1, and motorbike conversation what are some of the top spots to get my liver quivering and meet other like minded people my mother warned me about?

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    Hi Racer,

    Bob has given good tips about kit and to help you destroy your brain & liver you are welcome any sunday to watch F1 & MotoGP at my place on a 42" plasma with surround sound. I', a Brit and run a place called "Jai-Yen Cafe" which is on Moon Muang Rd about 250m south of Tha Phae Gate. Just look for the Ying/Yang logo. Normally get a good crowd of guys in who post here. Additionally, I have just bought a 250 Yam Raid so would be keen to have a little off-road muck about on occassion although I don't have decent boots until I fetch them from the UK next month. Drop by when you hit town.


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    Cheers Pikey for the welcome. Bring the boots on over when you're back and we can do some exploring. Looks like I'll be quaffing brews with your lass's sister instead of you then in the meantime. Hopefully not such a bad trade. I'll be over in May. Cheers.


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