Flooding in South Laos

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    While the situation in Laos appears not to be as bad as in Vietnam and Cambodia, several areas in the south are flooded and a lot of the ricefields have been destroyed.

    Rd 16 from Sekong to Attapeu is blocked and Attapeu appears to be completely surrounded by water. It was reported that the helicopter carrying the Deputy Prime Minister could not land in Attapeu and had to return.

    Some 10 people working at the Xekaman 1 hydropower construction site (about 50 km NE of Attapeu) are reportedly missing.

    In Sekong several areas and villages are flooded. The picture shows, at least for as far I understand, the Vangxang Sawan Sekong hotel which is located very close to the ferry landing from Sekong to Dakcheung (Rd 16 to Vietnam).

    [​IMG] Photo courtesy of CARE International
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  3. DavidFL

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    Got a SMs from Jerome in Savannakhet & he says ok there, only heavy rain still.
    I wonder how the Seterik & guys at the gold mine in Sepon are?

    I hope all you guys over there are ok. If you have any photos / news please post them on GT Rider.

    It is unbelievable that there is almost zero news coming out from Laos, but then I guess that is just a reflection on the media infrastructure in the country.

    Take care out there lads & good luck to all of you.
  4. Auke

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    Yes, most of the info I get is from a forum about Lao agriculture and they rely on people on the ground for info.

    This is a report from Saravan:
    Good morning from Salavan!

    We received around 220mm from 9am yesterday through to this morning, most of it between 9pm and 3am. We are still experiencing some drizzle this morning though it looks like the puff has gone out of the rain.

    A portion of town closer to the Sedon River is experiencing minor flooding with a number of houses flooded on their lower level (perhaps 0.5-1m for most of these houses). One of our staff members has been moving things upstairs in her house since 3am. The river is lapping at the top of its high-level banks, which is quite a sight, cutting off villages on the other side. The market also has been flooded since early this morning, and the new drainage system hasn't quite coped with the inundation of storm flow. We heard public announcements on Monday and Tuesday warning us to prevent catching malaria, but nothing about the storm itself. I have not heard of any casualties. Town water is out as is the phone line, and power has been off and on.

    The most serious concern is what will happen to the rice. A lot of farmers were harvesting their rice furiously over the weekend, but for rice crops that are not yet mature, there will be plenty of lodging and damage, and heartache for the farmers.

    Here two more pictures from Saravan and Sekong (taken yesterday)

    The Chindavone GH in Saravan which is close to the Market

    and another picture from Sekong


    Don't know about the situation further north in Savannakhet - quite a bit of rain I heard and some trees uprooted over Rd 13 between Savan and Pakxe but otherwise it seems to be OK. The storm veered of to the south and entered Laos somewhere near Dakcheung and therefore Sekong and Attapeu area took the brunt.

    The international news agencies are a bit confused though where Laos is located:
    This is from the VoA:

    After crossing into Cambodia, Ketsana was downgraded to a tropical depression before heading to Laos, where officials warned residents to
    be prepared for heavy rain.
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    Confirmation of Auke's report

    2009-1001 - AFP - Ten reported missing in Laos after Ketsana storm

    http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BN ... 71214.html

    News @ AsiaOne

    Ten reported missing in Laos after Ketsana storm

    The storm had caused flooding in the country's south. -AFP

    Thu, Oct 01, 2009

    HANOI, VIETNAM - About 10 people were reported missing in Laos after Tropical Storm Ketsana caused flooding in the country's south, aid workers said Thursday.

    "We have received informal reports of 10 people missing in southernmost Attapeu province", said Henry Braun, CARE's director for Laos.

    Another aid worker, with staff based in Attapeu, told AFP: "There are people missing, yes." She put the figure at nine or 10.

    Detailed information from the area has been difficult to obtain, they said.

    United Nations sources, quoting reports from the southern region, said no deaths have been reported after Ketsana passed through on Wednesday.

    Government spokesman Khenthong Nuanthasing said rescue teams were having difficulty accessing the area.

    The UN sources said the Sekong River running through Sekong province was still 13 to 15 metres (43-50 feet) above normal level but had dropped from 20 metres above normal a day earlier.

    They said about 14 villages along the riverbanks have been flooded and authorities have been unable to reach close to 200 people cut off in Sekong district.

    Braun, who has staff in Sekong, said about 27 villages were affected but it was still unclear how many people would need food, shelter, water and clothing.

    "We really don't know, for example, how many houses in the villages are destroyed," said Braun, whose agency is gearing up to supply aid to the area.

    Sekong is adjacent to Attapeu, which is on the border of Cambodia where Ketsana killed at least 14 people after leaving 92 dead in Vietnam.

    Attapeu town was "totally cut off", said the other aid worker whose local staff in the town reported floodwaters two metres deep.

    She declined to be named.

    Both Braun and the aid worker are based in Vientiane, capital of the country which is one of Asia's poorest.

    Ketsana has brought devastation across Southeast Asia since killing 277 people in the Philippines last weekend.

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  6. Auke

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    An update:

    *Typhoon tears through Laos, 16 dead*

    ABC (Australia), 02 Oct 2009

    Typhoon Ketsana has killed 16 people and left 135 missing in Laos, the
    country's Red Cross said.

    Fourteen of the deaths came in southern Attapeu province on the border
    with Cambodia, said Bountheung Menvilay, head of the agency's disaster
    preparedness division.

    Two other deaths came in Savannakhet province, but Attapeu and
    adjacent Sekong provinces were most affected by the storm, which
    passed through the country on Wednesday, the Red Cross official said.

    "We do have casualties in that location," said government spokesman
    Khenthong Nuanthasing, who was unable to confirm the number of deaths.

    Mr Bountheung said most of the deaths came during flash floods caused
    by the storm which has displaced 37,500 people in one of Asia's
    poorest nations.

    Ketsana has brought devastation across South East Asia since killing
    at least 293 people in the Philippines last weekend.

    Vietnam reported 99 deaths while at least 14 were killed in Cambodia.
  7. Auke

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    A few pics of the floods in Attapeu City.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Attapeu Provincial Hospital (left) and the Department for Planning and Investment (right)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Seterik

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    In Sepon we were cut of for 3 full days. Enough beer in Camp but other vital products for the processing got very low.

    But I don't care because I'm going on break today.

    Peak flood on Route 28A a stretch of 2 km was underwater


    At Huay Mala last day of flooding


    Another view


    Edited by davidfl 5th october & fixed the photos
  9. Craypot

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    Here's the photos from previous post. Links are fixed above so no need to duplicate anymore.
  10. DavidFL

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    2009-1009 - Xinhua - Tropical storm Ketsana leaves thousands homeless in Laos

    http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2009- ... 200730.htm

    Tropical storm Ketsana leaves thousands homeless in Laos

    www.chinaview.cn 2009-10-09 16:37:11

    HANOI, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Tropical storm Ketsana which hit Lao southern provinces last week has left thousands of people homeless in the country, Lao newspaper the Vientiane Times reported Friday.

    The storm hit Lao provinces of Savannakhet, Saravan, Attapeu, and Xekong. Among them, Attapeu and Xekong provinces are the worst affected, said the newspaper.

    Property losses in the storm-hit provinces were estimated at about 854 billion Lao kip (100.4 million U.S. dollars), according to the newspaper.

    In Xekong province, at least 508 houses were completely destroyed and 76 others were partially damaged, leaving 8,805 people homeless, said provincial Deputy Governor Phonphet Kiewlavong.

    Officials are currently involved in relief efforts in Dakcheungdistrict, one of the three worst-hit areas, where figures on losses and damage have not been reported yet, said Phonphet.

    In Attapeu province, floods caused by the storm affected a total area of 95,587 hectares, inundating houses, schools, offices, business facilities, farmland and livestock grazing land, according to initial reports from the province.

    Some 72,850 people, out of the province's total population of 123,398, have been affected by the floodwaters, said Attapeu provincial Deputy Governor Khainthong Sisouvong.

    Many people in Xekong and Attapeu provinces will face rice shortages for the next six months, according to the newspaper.

    Meanwhile, more than 80 families have been left homeless due to the storm in Saravan and Savannakhet provinces.

    Officials are now rushing to help affected residents rebuild houses and set up temporary shelters.

    Provincial authorities said urgent requirements include food, drinking water, household and cooking equipment, medicines and construction materials, according to the newspaper.

    So far, only one fatality due to the storm in Attapeu province has been confirmed in Laos, said the newspaper.
  11. DavidFL

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    17 November 2009

    Typhoon Ketsana caused 94.2 million dollars of damage in Laos

    http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show ... -laos.html


    Typhoon Ketsana caused 94.2 million dollars of damage in Laos
    Posted on : 2009-11-17 | Author : dpa
    News Category : Nature

    Vientiane, Laos - Typhoon Ketsana caused 94.2 million dollars worth of damage in southern Laos in late September, draining the communist country's reserve fund, state media reported Tuesday. Finance Minister Somdy Douangdy told the National Assembly Monday that the storm had inflicted 800 billion kip (94.2 million dollars) in damages when it struck Attapeu, Saravan and Xekong provinces in September.

    It caused extensive damage to roads, irrigation networks, schools, hospitals and government offices, the Vientiane Times reported.

    The typhoon forced Laos to withdraw 150 billion kip from the government's reserve fund, leaving it with only 10 billion kip.

    The National Assembly, which opened a two-week session Monday, agreed to inject another 50 billion kip into the fund, for dealing with emergency expenditures.

    Ketsana, which claimed about a dozen lives in Laos after wreaking havoc in the Philippines and Vietnam, left much of southern Laos under water.

    Laos is still soliciting local and international donations to help these provinces, the state-run Vientiane Times reported.

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