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    Although I'm not from Bangkok, I have ridden on the Frontage Road both ways several times, I have never yet done this without any problems.
    On the road north in or around the Rangsit area, I always end up on a Uturn, and then have to Uturn again to get back to where I was.
    This is because there are signs everywhere forbidding motorbikes to ride on the outside carriageway, and in trying to avoid this, I end up on a Uturn.
    I eventually end up using the carriageway at the possible chance of lining some policemans pockets, I see other motorcyclists doing the same I might add.
    Why does it seem to be impossible to stay on the right road all the way up till the Tollway ends, so I can carry on up to Nakhon Sawan?
    Is this a deliberate ploy by the police to line their pockets? I would like your comments on this. Thank you.
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