Giant Loop® Motorcycle Saddlebags Dealer now in Chiang Mai

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    Well I finalized my dealer status with the Giant Loop people in USA. First shipment will be here around November 12th. I will have Mojave Saddlebags & Coyote Saddlebags on hand for those interested. I ordered a small number of bags this time around so if you are interested please contact me ASAP. The prices will be Giant Loops MSRP, so no shipping costs for buyers here or near Chiang Mai. (and we all know how much shipping can cost!)
    There is nothing else on the market like these bags and will fit just about any bike, no racks required!
    check em' out:

    Thanks guys! :mrgreen:
    Jim (aka KMA)
    088-409-8087 (chiang mai)
    [email protected]

    a few pics-
    the Mojave Bag
    some stuff you can pack in the mojave. you get the idea
    packed up ready to roll
    try doin this with panniers
    the Coyote Bag. Great for longer trips
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