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    Hi all,

    I figured it's about time I posted on here seeing as the sites helped get around SE Asia loads, I'm off to Myanmar and I also happen to be selling my bike.

    To keep the introduction brief, I do PhD research out in Southeast Asia (environmental...if I tell you anymore I'd have to kill you :lolno:) and my research has taken me all around Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. To get about in the wild (and relatively incognito) I bought a D-tracker 250 in Bangkok. The website was spot on with border crossing from Thailand and Laos, and the knowledge from it really helped with playing the confidence card at the crossing (I'll do a quick post on the 3 border crossings tried once I find out where it's rightful place is). It's off to Burma now with me for more of the same, but reading up on crossing, as I didn't intend to come back to Bangkok (and the Burmese police are particularly friendly to offroad-looking bikes), I've got to kiss it goodbye!

    Other details: from London, in BKK until the bike's sold (know my way around, but if anyone's about I could do with some friends :shifty:), on youtube: (TheLDNBiker, though only posted one vid because realised I didn't really want to hand the police evidence of standard-practice pushing the boundaries of the law), and if anyone's got any advice for venturing around the Shan state, I would be MOST obliged to hear from you!

    Safe riding one and all
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