Happy New Year 2014

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    Well the clock is running down fast now & it's that time of the year once again.

    So a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone out there.


    thank you all those guys & gals who have contributed to & supported GT Rider through out the last year.
    All your posts that have helped build up the GTR site to its highly respected status as THE site for motorcycle touring info in S E Asia, have been appreciated.
    GTR continues to thrive & be respected because of your contributions.


    Now a gentle reminder this is probably the 2nd most dangerous time of the year for road travel.
    It is absolute mayhem out there on the roads in the North at the moment.
    So PLEASE PLEASE take extra care out there. Ride safe & stay upright.

    GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST for many more happy safe rides in the coming year 2014.
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