Heading up and mostlikely get lost now

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - Road Trip Reports' started by Marco, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Good morning guys

    so it's time again to head up to CM and i will be leaving with in 1hr or so and today Lom Sak, and Nattirat Grant hotel over there,,then Nan and Grand Mansion, there i will heading Doi Lo (New place to stay for me) and from there CM 4-7th in MD house,, from there quick dash to Phitsanulok and then last day korat on 9th,,

    Any one on the route wave and join me if you want or just drop by in said locations for a brew,,, those who hase my cell and are on route same direction send me SMS and lets take some"Coffee"

    no inet for this time so i cant read any replyes until im home,, i try to distance my self from computers wwhile on the route and just enjoy Riding

    Franz,,i might drop by again
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