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    Hi all,

    I'm a noob here on GT Rider but not new to motorcycling in Thailand, in fact I can see I've met some of you guys already in the "real" world. Since moving to Bangkok from Australia 15 years ago an interest in motorcycles has become more like an obsession. I started out here with a Bros 400, dropped a 650 lump into it soon after and then started acquiring other bikes. My particular interest is 90's era Hondas (yeah, boring to some I know but well engineered and very reliable). My current rides are:

    Bros 650. Much modified and much used. Shortly to have a hi-comp 700 cc motor made by J.D. Hord installed.
    RVF400 also much modified.
    RVF400 track bike. Modified, crashed (by me) and re-built.
    VTR1000 SP2 yes, much modified.
    Click, does everything I ask of it. Daily.

    I like sports touring and over the years I've ridden a lot in the North, North East, East and West of Thailand. I also enjoy the odd track day though I'm not fast by any means. I ride less and less in the city these days but I'm still up for day trips out of town.

    Like many of you I've found the quality of servicing here "sketchy" at times which led me to start doing more and more of the work myself. This in turn has led me down paths I never dreamed I'd be taking designing and manufacturing my own aftermarket motorcycle parts.

    Looking forward to sharing information with you all and maybe meeting up with some of you also.



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