Honda Big Wing Chiang Mai Safety Classes

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    For any Honda customers, Big Wing is offering a once a month basic safety class. I attended over the weekend, they started with a video, in Thai but with Subtitles. it is pretty basic stuff, turning, leaning angles, engine breaking, gearing, driving slowly and other basic maintenance as well. Then we went out to the "course" the parking lot in front of Niyon Panit, which they had closed off and we were able to practice with the teachers from Big Wing giving tips and support. There was a slalom, emergency breaking, bumps and a narrow path to ride down at low speed without putting your feet down. After lunch we did a quick Samoeng Loop, which was somewhat dangerous as they were riding too fast and too close, and some of the other drivers were not that good.

    However, it was a worthwhile day and they are talking about having advanced classes on a track that is supposed to be finished in Chiang Rai in the next couple of months. We will have to see it that actually happens.

    This seems to be pretty open about who can attend, there were obviously several 500cc Hondas, but also a couple of 250cc CBRs and my wife came along with her ER-6N and joined the class. This could be a good option for people looking to improve their skills and confidence. Despite riding for almost 10 years it was still useful to me. The said the next class will be on the 16th, but obviously, this being Thailand you might need to talk to them first.
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