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    I'm returning back to Thailand in February of next year, and will again be taking a tour, mostly dirt roads, somewhere in the GT area. The last time I was in Thailand I rented a Honda 250 AX1 in crappy condition,and much too heavy for what I needed it for. After thinking about it, I'm wondering if I could talk to a reputable bike rental business, and have a Honda Dream or some other lightweight 125cc bike temporarily fitted with enduro-type tires better suited for limited offroad use, perhaps a larger rear sprocket for a little better lowend grunt, plastic fenders,etc. The idea being a newer lighter bike that rents much cheaper than the AX1's, and since there are so many, they usually are in much better shape. I realize that there are enduro 125's available, but they seem to be in pretty rough shape too. With parts and labor so cheap, I'm wondering if I can't rig up something better than a stock Dream or heavy 250. I would of course, pay for the parts/labor, and let the rental shop keep them after I turned in the bike. Geeze, I wish I had my old KDX 200 to ride over there! Does any of this sound feasible, guys?
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