Khanom ~ Sichon ~ Nakhon Si Thammarat

Discussion in 'South Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by wonderingtsar, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Nice report.
    I stayed at the Khanom Sunrise Resort that you mentioned about a year ago.
    It was just opening then so the beach front bungalows were new and very clean.It had a very nice pool right next to the beach and a great little restaurant (both me and my TGF thought so).

    I found it was a good location as the only farang friendly bar in the area,CC Beach Bar,was about 1 km north of it.
    They have regular beach parties and set up a stage for live music on the beach and a bike show about once a year,worth checking out.They also have charity beach BBQ`s that raise money for nearby orphanages.

    So for a one or 2 night stopover i think it is a good place to stay.For longer there are many other places to stay as well.
    There are some keen dirt riders in the area too that ride around the hills there. Charlie at the Beach bar knows them and can hook anyone up for a ride.

    Khanom is a very quiet place to chill out,a good place to wind down and explore.
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    Nice story Wonderingstar, would be great if you could format it as a GT-Rider post, as many readers are keen to be able to search the information in one place and also to interact. I know that this is a bit of additional work (I do it myself), but as you already have great pictures and the text, it should not be too much trouble. Anyway, I enjoyed your work. Cheers

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