Laos pictures from the fiftees and the sixtees

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    Sorry for this off topic post but there is a fascinating on-line collection of slides of Lao life made by the anthropologist Joel Halpern during the fifties and sixtees (only where he was able to travel at that time) which some of you may find interesting. Bit difficult to navigate though as the sub-links don't work (at least on my computer). Here is the link:

    Security was a bit more relaxed in 1957 at the American Embassy when compared with the situation now.

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    I love sifting through the archives, wish I was able to travel 50 years ago. Lots of stuff on the Philippines as well. Thanks a lot for posting this!
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    Thanks for the link Auke!!
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    Thanks for the link Auke. The sub-links all seem to be working for me (Of course, I have a new internet server and a new computer purchased last week, and loving it :thumbup:).

    It may take a while to get through the 3000 images, however. :roll:

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