Looking for rough guide for riding times

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - Road Trip Reports' started by hotfirie, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Looking for rough guide for riding times

    Myself and 3 mates are going to do a ride in the Golden Trinagle in mid March and have worked out the following itinerary. Just wondering if anyone could let me know rough riding times for each leg. Hiring 400s and a 650.
    1. Chiang Mai to Fang.
    2, Fang to Mae Sai
    3. Mae Sai to Chiang Rai via Chang Kong
    4 Chiang Rai to Phayao not straight down the highway but via Pa Daet
    5. Phayao back to Chiang Mai
    Plus all suggestions for accom, eating places and good bars to visit in each place will be gratefully accepted. We have all been to Thailand before but not in the Chiang Mai area​
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