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    Hi all,
    New to GT and to riding in general (rode scooters and small bikes in my teens and early 20's but nothing since then).

    Upon reaching 50, decided to inject some excitement into my life and decided to buy.... a PCX 150! Enjoyed it so much that 2 months later, bought a Versys! That was about 6 months ago. Since then, I've done 4 solo trips to Isaan (Yasothon) while my other half drives the car and have done quite a few 2 ups to Khao Yai, Udon, Chiang Khan, Kanchanaburi etc. Been on one group ride with a bunch of guys from Club Versys Thailand which was tremendous fun except that they spoke very little English and I speak very little Thai. Hoping to meet up with some of you guys for some group rides, nothing too fast though.

    Hoping also (if time and work permits) to ride up to Chiangmai (2 up most likely) and do the MHS loop sometime in the next few months.

    Last but not least, would like to experience some track days but first, need to find a riding school along the lines of California Superbike or Ron Haslam school in Thailand. Don't think there are any though.....

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