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    I'm moving to Chiang Mai at the end of August, and I'm trying to figure out what I will need to do to be able to legally ride. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information around the web, so I thought I'd ask here at GT-Rider where people actually have first hand experience and are riders (not just tourist who decide to rent a scooter.)

    On arrival I plan to just rent (a scooter since the price is right) until I get a feel for the place. I imagine that I don't need a license, and insurance would be included from the rental agency... is this correct?

    Once I do purchase my own bike, how do I go about getting a license? I've heard reports that a AAA international license with an M endorsement will suffice, but I've also heard that the Thais don't recognize this as a valid license. I've also heard that your insurance is null and void (written into the fine print, in Thai of course) if you ride without a license.

    Any advice and/or info would be much appreciated.
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