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  1. Auke

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    Last week, while on a work related trip, passed along the Nam Theun II project. The backpackers are still doing the "Loop" but the old road has now more or less disappeared. This is were the new road is crossing the old road (looking to the west at 17 51.859 N and 105 02.740 E).


    The old bridge is completely gone and while in while in early March this year they were taking the bridge out, the location is now under water.

    The old bridge being demolished and below where the old bridge used to be - access road to the old road visible in the center of the picture.


    The reservoir is quickly filling up and the yellow sign (sorry not very clear on the pic below) warns that the water can come up quickly with strong currents. The small white building next to it is a new nursery in one of the resettlement villages (Ban Sop Ma ?) which probably is not the best place for it being more or less on the shoreline of the reservoir.

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  3. DavidFL

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    With all the dams being bult in Laos soon there won't be any trails left to ride as they will be under water?

    Now how about this one: the Nam Ngum's full & needs to realease water to protect it's structure!

  4. Auke

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    Yes, agree with you on all the dams being planned - this will flood massive areas of the country. Should have a list somewhere of all the dams being planned and under construction. The next one to be completed will probably be the Nam Ngum 2 dam (2010?) which will flood the Xaysomboun road (Rd 13 B) for quite a large part and is located just north of the Nam Ngum 1 reservoir (see the picture below). This week there is a public consultation in Vientiane on the Nam Ngum 5 dam which is planned to be built somewhere in the Luangphrabang/Xiengkhuang provinces.


    With regard to the assessment by Mr. Phoumy, I don't think that the farmers agree with him as the Vientiane Times reports that Saendin (about 30 km. south of the Nam Ngum dam) is basically under water partly due to water being released by the dam:

  5. Rhodie

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    Fascinating report but frightening in terms of consequences.
    Those pix certainly would suggest that someone will be bidding for a new school contract soon.
    It doesn't appear that the lessons that could have been learnt from the massive dams
    north of the border have not been fully assimilated.
    Thank you for keeping us abreast of alluvial developments.
  6. jimoi

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    [quote quote=Davidfl]With all the dams being bult in Laos soon there won't be any trails left to ride as they will be under water?

    I didn't think the African Twins ran on anything else but paved and compressed dirt roads anyhow:roll: . Will there be trails - yes because buffalo and goats still trod around and people like myself and Don are looking for them.
  7. BignTall

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    Auke - Terrific pics and information.

    A side effect of a developing country (Thailand) is its ever increasing demand for electricity that Laos is more than happy to the expense of many.

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