new bike riders, three days max on bikes in chiang mai, any suggestions of a route?

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    Im out on ko phayam for tonight and tomorrow, then making the long trek to angkor wat for a visa run then back to bkk. I only have internet for 4 hours a day here and im trying to figure out the rest of my trip. I tried searching but it seems to ignore "three" when i search three days. Since i have limited internet accessibility im posting this then continuing my research. Apologies if this is a frequent question.

    Its me and my girlfriend both about 30. We rented bikes/scooters on ko chang for a couple days and had no problems. We both really want to tour around the chiang mai area.

    We will probably fly into chiang mai on the morning of the 9th (wednesday)and leave on a train to bkk on the 15th (havent decided on a day or night train). We will spend a day with elephants and either a saturday or sunday walking market is a must. (This is what is dictating the length of motorbiking) it looks like we have all day thursday (probably rent the bikes wednesday) all day friday and satuday. Either returning saturday or early sunday in time to find a hotel and get to the market.

    My questions:

    1. Can you suggest a good route for fairly new but confident riders that can be leisurely completed in two Nights three day or three nights three days and a morning?

    2. Suggest a decent bike for us to look for to rent? Im 6'6" (2 meters) 260 lbs. The scooter in chang mai carried me easily (dont know what it was but it was the 200 Baht one compared to the 150 Baht one which probably doesnt help)

    3. Suggest a reputable place in chiang mai to rent from?

    Thank you. Im off to start my own research. 2 hrs of internet left.
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