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    Hey all,

    currently i am stationed in beatifull Pai, north Thailand, and i have been driving some small rental moterbikes for around 2 weeks now and i got hooked at driving motors.Dont worrie i have been driving small scooters back home for a solid 3 years. This made me think of the option to travel by bike instead of by train and bus.

    My current plan is to go back to Chiang Mai and search for a not too expensive 200cc bike. ( i want something stronger then the regulair 110 or 150cc because i will be doing long rides and i am a pretty big guy ). I have been collecting as much information as possible about my trip and so far i found out that crossing borders and general driving are the biggest things to worrie about.

    My question to all of you is: what would be a suitable bike i could buy and at what price? My budget is around 1000 euro ( 40000 bath ) give or take. As stated before i am looking for a 200cc moter, preferably second hand and being able to take me for a distance of 10000km without giving too much problems. Reading all of your traveling stories i am verry aware of all the dangers but also about all the beaty on the way.

    I really hope some of you are able to provide me with some information or help me with some basic things.

    happy backpackmotorbikegreeting;-),

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