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Discussion in 'New Users' started by Bulli, Dec 18, 2014.

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    Hi all

    Thanks for a great site.

    I will be in CM in January and I am keen to get on a bike, with my 12 yo daughter and do an overnight bike ride. She hasn't been on the back of a bike for long periods before. I have not ridden for 2 years but did ride a VTR 1000, BMW R1200S, RF900. I would look at a bigger road bike to accommodate both of us.

    I would love to see a mix of rice paddies, mountains, villages, head to a nice little village, eat, enjoy, learn, and come back to CM. A route that could take ~ 5 hrs to get to my destination (with many stops) may be good.

    I'd love to do the Mae Hong Son Loop but time I believe will beat me. I also had thought of just doing CM to Pai and then Soppong River Inn and returning but I'd like to not go over a road I had been on, if possible. I do appreciate that speeds will be slower on such a mountainous area.

    My questions to you experienced people are (I have endeavoured to find info on here):

    1/ What would be a good loop or trip out and back from CM, to suit my needs ?
    2/ Is the 1095 busy and dangerous ??
    3/ What are the general weather conditions of the area during January
    4/ I will obviously be renting........so your thoughts on the appropriate bike. Dual purpose could be considered, if a little more stable than a bigger bike on the tight sections, if the road is full of pot holes/gravelly.
    5/ Anything I have missed.

    Thanks so much...

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