Places for stay at Erawan , Sai Yok

Discussion in 'South Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by psandee, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. psandee

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    Hello Folks :wave:,

    I want to know if there are any safe places near Erawan, Sai Yok where we can do Camping during night !

    Also want to know if its safe to park bikes near Erawan national park during the visit !

    :arrow: My plan is to cover -> Pattaya - Bangkok - Ayutthaya Historical Park -Erawan Nationalpark - Tiger Temple

    Need suggestions on this...

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Star Rider

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    I'm only aware of a very nice, new and clean resort in Naklang. Only 400 baht per night. If you're intent on camping, can't help you much.
  4. psandee

    psandee Active Member

    Oh sure. Will check out Naklang if i dont find any camping spots. By the way did you stay at Naklang during any of your trips to Erawan ?
  5. Star Rider

    Star Rider Member

    I have stayed at that particular resort twice in the last few months. Lady owner speaks decent English, very amicable and helpful.

    It's called the Tontan Resort. They have a Facebook page: Tontan Resort - ต้นตาลรีสอร์ท

    Close to the highway ... white cottages with blue roofs.

    GPS coordinates: 17.29401 ... 102.22719

    A/C pumps well, large shower/toilet area, bike very secure and dry under adjacent carport, large stone drive easy to negotiate even with rainy season downpours.

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