Police use biker's death video to promote road safety

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by CraigBKK, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. CraigBKK

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    This video is generating some discussion in the UK media. Found it via the BBC. Title says it all. RIP.

    Lets all consider road safety a little more when we ride.
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Wow, that was hard to watch, but probably something every biker should see. RIP David and respect to his poor mother for putting this out there.

    Who was at fault? I'd say both car (not seeing the bike and not yielding right of way) and motorbike (speeding at 97mph at time of collision), but of course, the car always wins, so moral of the story, slow the [email protected] down and live to ride another day!

    If my math is right 100mph is over 140 feet per second. Poor David was going to die sooner or later riding through intersections like that... :(
  4. brian_bkk

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    Have to agree Tony.. Very sad and RIP.
    The speed through the intersection is the first thing that stood out to me too.

    The last cry out before death. His mum is a diamond..

  5. ianyonok

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    Just watched that..... not good. Very sad indeed. He was probably happy and having a great day up to that point. Even if his parents hadn't bought him a bike for his 16th birthday, most likely he would have bought one himself later anyway.

    You can wipe out on any vehicle at any speed, but on a modern bike at that speed with that much traffic around, I suppose the chances of something bad happening are quite high. The problem is, speed is exhilarating, so we all go too fast sometimes.

    What to do..? and what to learn..?

    Some ideas............

    Maybe try hard to save those fast blasts for when there is minimal traffic, to at least reduce the chances of a wipe out. Most bike accidents are usually due to other vehicles.
    If possible try not to ride on major roads, if there is an alternative, if time allows. We are lucky to ride in Thailand, there are plenty of roads without much traffic, compared to the UK, which is so crowded.
    Try to avoid holiday weekends and the "dangerous days" periods of Thai holidays, if possible.
    Get a dirt bike, if you can. Wipe outs offroad are often not serious.
    Try to get in a happy contented mood before going out. Going out in a serious or unhappy mood makes me go too fast.
    Take pleasure from enjoying the beautiful scenery or other interesting things to see, as much as the riding (without getting distracted of course).
    Change the silencer(s) on your bike so it sounds great at lower speed.
    Don't be distracted by the GPS or other gadgets.

    I have never done proper racing but I do recall doing 140mph on UK roads years ago and Yes, did have a crash, but I was lucky. I tried to avoid modern high powered bikes after that. My KLX is almost too fast for me, as I often ride it flat out. I wont modify it because I will only ride it faster.
    I found a way out that works for me, by riding classic bikes that sound good at lower speed.

    But, things can happen anytime in an instant. Defensive driving techniques teach that you should always have a way out if someone does something unexpected, but if you're going too fast, that is not possible.

    Take care out there.

  6. Star Rider

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    Saw it yesterday.

    One thing of which I am always conscious. It's always harder to stop than it is to gain speed with that 700+ pound cruiser of mine. In Thailand, I learned that the easy way in the ten years that I've been here. Lots of close calls, and learned from them.

    As the years passed, fewer and fewer close calls. One, because I rode my intelligently. Two, because I have learned to anticipate just about anything -- imaginable or not.

    May David RIP.

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