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    We have started a new business here in Chiang mai, and would like to spread the word on services offered. At the moment it is linked to the GT Rider facebook page under Prestige Motorbike Transport. A website will be up and running later in the year.

    A new trailer is on order and being fitted out with two Ramp/Holders, with wheel locks. It will also carry a fixed tool box with spare fuel, lubricants and tools.
    The trailer can carry 2 Harley Davidsons, and the pick up is four doors with capacity to carry 3 people and luggage. I can carry up to 750cc on the pick up so all in all, I can carry 3 big bikes in one trip. The equipment is new, and all is fully insured (First class).
    We can work as support for organized bike trips or private bike trips. We are experienced with 30 years transporting, throughout the UK, and Europe.
    The bikes en route are wrapped and covered. Rescue, accident call out, to rescue bike and riders, Back to their home or to Chiang mai area.
    We cover the whole of Thailand.
    Please take a look at our Facebook page. A website will be up and coming this year. All details are on the F/Book site.
    We can also deliver/pick up bikes bought or sold for old and new buyers/sellers. 24/7 service, polite and helpful.
    A big Thank you to GT Rider. We will be going to most of the big bike shows and events in the coming new season. So if you have any show bikes that need to be transport, please ask, we cannot attend all of them due to overlaps; but we will be at the Chiang Mai one for definite, please come and say hello.
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