Question: Hire or Buy crossing 5 borders SE-Asia

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    Hi there, i'm quite new to the forum did already a couple of searches but couldn't find the right answers to my questions.
    In November 2015 I'm leaving the Netherlands for a SE-Asia adventure. I want to visit the following countries: Malaysia, Thailand, (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and in the end cross the border to China. First of all my plan was to buy a motorcycle in Malaysia and cross the borders with it..and there you go Myanmar and Vietnam aren't possible with a 150cc motorcycle unless you do it illegal. I already knew that China is way too expensive to go there with your own motorcycle.

    So here's my question if I want to travel through the following countries with a motorcycle, what do you suggest me to do.

    Should I hire a Motorcycle at POP rider chiangmai and am I able to cross the borders with these bikes?
    Should I buy a motorcycle and sell it while leaving the country.. i reckon it's a big hassle all the time.
    Or should I hire a bike in every single country I visit?

    Thanks in advance!
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