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    Recently did the MHS loop. Thanks for all the great information here!

    Started in Chiang Mai. Called Mr. Mechanic, but they were out of the Honda Shadows I was looking to rent. It was my wife, me and her brother. He didn't want a motorcycle, so ended up with a Dream. With that, I was only looking for a 200.

    Ended up renting from Tony's Big Bikes. Had a chance to talk with him for a bit. Because brother in law wasn't so sure about the ride, I had thought we would just run up to Chiang Rai instead, but Tony convinced us otherwise. I'm glad he did.

    We said we wanted to rent for 5 days, starting Wed, returning bikes on Sunday, (looking for 4 days on the loop, and one day around CM) but the woman there wrote it down as 2 days. I talked with Tony who indicated that is normal, so the user get's use to it and can return the bike or rent longer (but we'd be on the loop by then).

    When we returned on the 4th day, he started to 'scold' me for not returning in two, and I reminded him of our conversation. He remembered, didn't give me any hassle about it, and even gave me a free scooter for that night (heading to Yi Peng festival and didn't want the motorcycle).

    Anyway, heading out of Chiang Mai toward Pai. Was trying to avoid Pai for sleeping, but it unfortunately caught the eye of the brother-in-law. What a horrible waste, for what could be such a nice town. We ended up staying in Villa de Pai, which had nice little cabins near the river. He loved the night 'shopping' and wound up spending most of his souvenir money there, only to find out prices were 75% cheaper in Bangkok.

    Hoping to get an early start was ruined by the BIL, who slept 'till 10. I was hoping to get in a few waterfalls and caves between Pai and MHS. We only made it to Mor Paeng waterfall, just outside of Pai before we realized how much time had gone.

    Didn't get into MHS until after dark, and ended up having to stay at the awful Ngamta hotel (nice hotel, but was looking for something not Chinese owned, something more like a guesthouse or similar, and cheaper.). Due to us being tardy, Piya and the others on the lake were full.

    Again, the BIL sleeps too late for us to catch any waterfalls between MHS and Mai Chaem. Don't ever travel with the in-laws unless you know them well. I decided to take the shortcut as we had to get back to CM on Saturday. BIL complained the whole time about not stopping to see anything. Heading down one of the mountains, my rear brake went out. Stopped to cool it but it didn't work. Had to stay in 1 or 2 going downhill until we reached Mae Na Chon where we found a cycle repair 'shop' who knew exactly what to do.

    Ended up staying at the Pongsara, which was nice, and the restaraunt there probably had the best meal we ate during our time in Thailand.

    Heading out of MC, again later than what we needed, we rain into some rain but were fortunate enough to be right at the park entrance and stayed there for a while. I was hoping to hit the peak, but with getting a late start and the rain, we missed it.....and only hit two of the waterfalls: Mae Pan and Vatchirathan.

    108 heading back to CM was brutally hot!

    Really need more time, like all of you recommended...and especially with the BIL sleeping late every day, then complaining about not stopping anywhere, but we really did not want to miss the Yi Peng festival, which was fantastic.

    Again, thanks for all of your help. Fantastic site. I will be doing this again sans BIL with much more time.
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