Ride Along Tanao Si Range - Western Kanchanaburi

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    Hey fellow GTR riders.

    Just completed another 7 days moto-camping adventure in Kanchanaburi with 2 of my Malaysian friends, 2 Thais (with pickup), one Norwegian and guest star Brian who teamed up with us and his enduro gang at the abandoned mine tunnels.

    This time we focused on Thong Pha Phum district, there are some incredibly beautiful POI's within the area.
    It is hard to believe trip took only 7 days to complete considering all the places we visited.

    Before I proceed with detailed report, here are just a few appetizer photos to give you general idea where we went.
    Stay tuned, lots of pics and videos coming soon.

    DJI_0068ps.jpg DSC_4235ps.jpg DSC_4343ps.jpg DSC_4476ps.jpg DSC_4542ps.jpg DSC_4605ps.jpg DSC_4687ps.jpg DSC_4742ps.jpg DSC_4852ps.jpg DSC_5336ps.jpg DSC_5374ps.jpg DSC_5381ps.jpg DSC_5495ps.jpg DSC_5703ps.jpg DSC_5921ps.jpg The-Abandoned-Mine.jpg DSC_5547ps.jpg
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    Seems like the western Thailand section is the most active part of the forum these days.

    Why not. Great, unspoilt, friendly locals and close to Bangkok.

    Bring it on..
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