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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - Road Trip Reports' started by Auke, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Did a quick trip to Chiangkhong and back via Phatang and Pu Chi Fa. Rd 1093 from Panghat up to Phatang is now very good. The first few hundred meters are still no good but then it becomes a 2 lane new asphalt road up to the top. They were working on the small shortcut just below Phatang (badly rutted dirt) as well as the road from Phatang to Doi Phatang (Pratu Siam). Both will be 2 lane and will be asphalted once the dry season starts. The road from Phatang to Pu Chi Fa is OK but at one place a bridge had been completely demolished by a landslide (19 52.685 N and 100 28.251 E and had been replaced by a Baily bridge.

    They also made a new access road on the north side of the access road to Pu Chi Fa - incredible steep and only suitable for bikes and 4 WD.
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