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    Jan 25'Th

    Lek and I went to 8.10 am the Shell station in Hua Hin to see if anyone was joining the trip, but nobody was waiting there. Brian (CB 400) stayed in my house yesterday and he said he was going back to Bkk for his bike this day and join later. We left Hua Hin 8.30 and went Hw 4 south towards Chumpon. That's a dual carriage way, a bit boring and somewhere a little bumpy.

    The X 11 run real smooth and handles great, we cruised at 140-150 km/h. We did a lunch and gas stop north of Chumpon, then farther on southwest on Hw 4 towards Ranong, but the cruising speed decreased to 80-110 km/h. This part is more beautiful with great nature. We took a break at Khao Wong Takian waterfall about 30 km north of Ranong.

    We arrived in Ranong at 12.30 pm and checked in at Asia Hotel. 290 Bath for a room with fan and the staff was as unfriendly as last year I was here. But the room was OK and I could park the bike in the lobby. And, the hotel is at the street where all the interesting shops and restaurants are. I had a well deserved beer, and we ate great and cheap at Chaoen Thong restaurant.

    In the evening, we went to Country Boy (?!) for some beers and music. It turned out to be a cheap and good place where they mixed Thai and western music. Otherwise Ranong seems like a boring place.


    I had a minor hangover in the morning; we checked out 10 am and went to the immigration to check out from Thailand. A man there wanted 500 Bath for taking me to Burma, but I turned him down. We went to the Saphaan Plaa pier and I chartered a boat (R/T) for 300 Bath (150 Bath each if you're two persons). I did the visa run to Kawtoung. The boat man took care of the paperwork so I did just enjoy the trip. The trip took about one hour and I paid another 300 Bath for the visa to Burma. After that we went back to the immigration office in Ranong to check in to Thailand again. There were a lot of people there, a charter minivan from Phuket arrived before me, so I had to wait a while.

    We went south on Hw 4 and after 20 km we turned east on Rd 4006. It was 73 km beautiful road in 80-120 km/h through a scenic landscape until we came to Hw 41. That's a dual carriage way in good condition so the cruising speed was 150-170 km/h. We had lunch north of Surat Thani and kept on to Don Sak to wait for the 3 o'clock ferry taking us to Koh Samui. The fare was 87 Bath for the bike and me and another 53 Bath for Lek. We came to Koh Samui at 4.30 pm.

    We checked in at Coconut Bungalows (350 Bath) at Lamai beach. Later on we joined John (Tropical Samui) and his friends for a dinner at Rising Sun (got a tasty steak).


    John and his girlfriend, Khop, came to the beach in the morning for some chat and beach life. Later on, Lek and I went to Chaweng beach, some view points and the Big Buddha at the northern side of the island. In the evening we visited John at his bungalow and had dinner at the food market (cheap and good Thai food).


    Lek and I went to John in the morning, he showed us around the island. We went to some beaches and Na Thon city. Going to the Big Buddha John suddenly turned left on a small street. I missed the exit with a few meters and stopped at the sidewalk, putting in the neutral and was just thinking of going back when a small motorbike hit me on the inside. Luckily my left leg took most of the impact, but it was enough to tip me over at the right side. There were two young ladies on the small bike. They were OK, so was Lek. My left leg hurt a bit and it was a small scratch on the cover of the radiator. I told the young lady driver it's better to pass on the outside. She told Lek she forgot to brake. The truth was they were chatting and didn't pay any attention. I said "mai pen rai", she said she was sorry and I sent them away.

    We went farter on to Secret Garden for lunch and a swim. That is not Koh Samui's best beach (a bit muddy) but the Thai food was good.

    Lotus supermarket has a newly opened shopping centre at Chaweng beach, so we went there.

    In the evening we had dinner at a view point between Lamai and Chaweng with John and Khop, a good Cordon Bleu for 200 Bath.

    Later, John and Khop went to Dueng beer bar. I took the bike home and walked back to join them for some beers.


    Beach day by the bungalow.


    We checked out at 7.30 am, John waited for us outside his bungalow. He was going for a regatta at Phuket and Lek and I had already decided to join him for the ride there. We took the 8 o'clock ferry back to the mainland. 9.30 We started off from Don Sak. We went Hw 401 west. It's a nice road, but not so interesting until you come to Ban Ta Khon. Riding in 80-100 km/h south of Khao Sok national park is fun with a lot of curves. East of Takuapa, we turned south on road 4090. The meaning was to come down to Phang Nga (a friend of John said this detour, Rd 401-4090-4020-4, is a great ride), but somehow we went the wrong way and came out on Hw 4 on the west coast.

    We stopped for lunch and went farter south to Phuket. Near Phuket town we said goodbye to John. Lek and I went the south and south west coastline to Karon beach. At the south end of this beach, 150 m from the beach, there is a place called Happy Hut. The price had risen from 100 Bath to 250 Bath in three years. But it's a cosy place and the restaurant there has good food at decent prices.

    When we came in to the hut a huge (10 cm) monster with big ugly eyes was staring at me. Lek chased the spider away.

    In the afternoon we looked around and ate at a Scandinavian restaurant. Two pizzas, a small beer and a coke for 650 Bath! A steak would cost 490 Bath!! Jesus, this is not a place for me and my wallet.

    We went to a internet caf? and I read that a girl from Sweden, working at the same place as I do, was coming to Karon the next day.

    We went to bed early that evening.


    A day at the beach, dinner at Happy Hut. In the evening we met my colleague, Susanne, and her family at the Phuket Orchid hotel. They paid 180 000 Bath for a two week package trip.

    Feb 1

    At 8.30 am we left Karon beach, the monster moved back in to his home. We drove Hw 4-415-415-41-4 north east and north back to Hua Hin (634 km). Two gas stops and two food stops and we arrived Hua Hin at 3 pm.

    The bike did a great job, but the way back was boring and tiresome.

    Fuel consumption during this 1800 km trip was 5,6 liter/100 km (100,8 litres).
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