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    Well, I may have encountered what my be my favorite episode of the irreverent "South Park" cartoon TV series.

    The theme of the episode is contending with loud Harleys.
    I recently moved to a condo at the rear of my complex, due to
    the noise on the street due to Harleys, as well as the loud speaker
    equipped songthaws promoting various stores and promotions.

    As the TV show is copyrighted, though freely available on the NET,
    per the shows' creators, I could not on the upload the episode to a
    storage site, so I have provided the below link to download the
    Click on a d/load button in the upper left. It's a mere 176mb and d/l's quickly. ... -xvid-sys/

    Most will get a laugh from the episode; some might take mild offense...
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