Suz. Bandit 400: CDI dead. Repair it, sell as it is, or in parts? What do you think?

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    from one day to another, the CDI from my Bandit 400 died. And yes it's definitely the CDI!
    Now, I am a little bit undecisive, what to do
    1. "organize" a new CDI from EU/USA/China and sell the bike afterwards.
    CDI is not too expensive ~5000 Bt, but the problem is, there are two different CDI for the bike, but most seller doesn't seem know, which one they sell. OEM is 32900-10D60
    2. sell it as it is. The bike has a green book, tax and insurance 12 months valid.
    3. sell it in parts, the book is half the worth of a running bike. :p
    4. sell it in parts, but keep the book and look for a Suzuki Inazuma/Bandit 400 in good condition, without book.

    What would you do? Time is no factor, I don't need to sell the parts/bike "tomorrow"
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