Sym Angel 100cc For Sale - Siem Reap

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    We just finished a 5 month adventure around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and are now looking to sell our beloved Angel.
    Along the way we have added:

    New tires
    New battery
    New front chain
    New chain
    New break pads
    New lights


    Oil changed every 500km (we just changed the oil in Siem Reap)

    No problems except for a couple of flat tires and a patch up of a small crack in the oil case by the screw. She's been very reliable as she has carried the 2 of us plus our bags from the seas to the mountains and back.

    Vietnamese plated bike

    Comes with a luggage rack, 1-2 helmets, rain poncho, bungees, a riding lesson if you need one and a beer on us.

    Price: $280 (price negotiable)

    Text or call whatsapp at +1 4109198055 or respond to this ad.

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