The 4122 from Hat Yai.... A corker

Discussion in 'South Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by danwhite, Feb 20, 2009.

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    If you driving north from the deep south its worth getting off the hateful Highway 4 about half way between Hat Yai and Phattalung. Tale a left on to the 4122.

    Its a nice rural little road with good views of the mountains, limestone outcrops and good bends.

    You then hook up with the Phattalung-Trang highway at T. If heading west for the Andamans it goes over a big mountain range. Feels like the north. Its a beautiful drive...... But no fun because the highway narrows to one lane each way and the traffic is fast and dangerous..... Tailgating etc...... General idiocy. One of the most dangerous roads in TL. More so than the hideous section of Highway 12....... If you stop though you have some nice views.
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    Hi Colin

    You were lucky....... I could see what a beautiful road it was but I was pre-occupied with the crazies on 4 wheels....... If you are lucky with the traffic it really is a superb mountain run......Thats life.

    I like motorcycling in the south....... A different feel.

    I will check your trip reports...... Been busy, but now heading back home to the smoke....... Slowly though.

    Very best


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