The best road in Thailand...again

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    'The best road in Thailand' ...again.
    Aha, that old chestnut. I know its becoming a well oiled argument as to which is the best road in Thailand but its certainly one worthy of spending many a beer over. Having spent a couple of months and 12500Km riding from Singapore to Cambodia via Chiang Mai, I thought I'd put my 2 cents-worth in and give a big vote for the stretch of 'Scalextric' track on the Doi Phuka loop just South of Bo Klua towards Sanfisuk. Truly an ace piece of road and a very memorable day.

    I've stuck a photo here together with the whole trip report.

    Hope you dont mind the link but I thought it might be less work for everyone. I've also included lots of info about which routes I took and what mistakes I made in case it might be useful for any of you guys.

    While I'm on.. here's a big THANKS to GT-rider for the excellent site, not only for the hordes of information but also for the inspiration it provides. Good stuff.

    If I'm wrong about the 'best' road, tell me where I'm missing so I can include it on the next trip and I'll eat my humble pie quietly.
    Cheers and safe riding.
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    There is no chestnut. No need for oil. No need to waste beer. There is no argument. If you live here you know the answer.

    The 1169, 1081, and the 1256 are all good roads (I rode them just 2 weeks ago). It's too bad that you missed the best road in Thailand - the 1148 between Song Khwae and Pang Kha. Absolutely beautiful scenery and a road that was laid out by a motorcycle enthusiast. Every curve is cambered perfectly. Every radius is perfectly laid out. The surface is smooth, sticky, and race track quality. During the entire ride you won't see any shiny, slick surfaces on the road. I can only remember 2 pot holes but they were were easy to see. There are no surprises on this road. Good visibility in every turn. The road surface is semi-porous tarmac. When my friend Danny and I rode this road 2 weeks ago, I still had two rows of "fear nipples" on the Metzler Tourances on my R1200GS. After 25 km of this road, I successfully removed them. There was virtually no traffic during the ride.

    Best to ride this road with the sun to your back. East - west in the AM and vice versa.

    Please don't tell Joe Cummings about this road!
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    YEP, one of the best for sure although the surface is flawed! There have been numerous landslides and some of the road is down to one lane and very dirty with little warning.
    I met a group of Ducati riders in Nan and we rode the 1148. Two casualties and one due to the perfect surface having a single pothole and the dirt from the hole spread across the road.
    This is on a sharp right hand blind corner as you go over a crest and the victim hit the sand resulting in a slid down the road. Luckily he wasn't hurt but the bike suffered, although not enough to stop him continuing to Chiang Mai.
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    Yeah, I can only hit the same log again: the 1148, either way. Read my report on this station 'Golden Triangle Ride - 2006 Part 1'.
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    Agreed R1148 is top dog, but right now the 66 odd kms R108 Mae Hong Son - Khun Yuam is bloody awesome. I surprised myself with 43 minutes the other day & remember the "good old days" when it was 55-70 minutes, riding as hard as. I got to do it twice too, dropping off maps from Mae Hong Son & think that it is a marginally better ride heading south?
    Now after also dropping off maps to Mae Sarieng & Mae Chaem a few days later I can say that the bottom (south) half of the Mae Hong Son loop is very patchy. i.e. R108 Hot - Mae Sarieng & R1088 Ob Luang - Mae Chaem. Even on the Africa Twin with 21 inch front wheel I noticed the patchy bumpy asphalt on the "south end." The "bad" R1095 Mae Sa - Pai north bit seemed "smoother!"

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