The Chiang Rai Smoke Detector Initiative

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    I am posting this Chiang Rai Province specific topic in an effort to share a good idea. Hopefully, there will be some good feedback and hopefully, the idea will move forward in other provinces. Below it is copied and pasted as written in Chiang Rai Ties Forum. If admin feels the need to edit it, I am not offended.

    Not a good title name for the program? Suggest the best title and we will use it.

    The info below is open to discussion. Please do.

    All of the info below has occurred in discussions with Steve of Hangover Bar. Steve first discussed this idea after his first visit to the recently burned school dormitory but he wanted to wait until that donation/fund drive had been completed before he started pursuing this idea. That donation effort has ended and he now has time to focus on this project.

    This project is not about receiving credit or kudos. It is about improving the safety of lives of many young people.

    Details are still being worked out but I will lay out below what ideas are being considered or adopted for now. If you have input, bring it on. The more people involved in putting together a faultless program, the better it will be.

    Project overview:
    In an effort to avoid further dormitory (and other buildings) fire/smoke casualties, Steve at Hangover Bar is starting a smoke detector purchase, installation and maintenance program for Chiang Rai province. The program will be funded by volunteer donations. Installations, maintenance and replacement of battery operated smoke detectors will be conducted by volunteer groups.

    Donations are now being accepted.

    So far, we have one volunteer that will underwrite the purchases and paying of taxes on smoke alarms. That person will order in bulk to get the best deal on larger quantities. That person will initially pay for the order and will also pay the import taxes if there are any when the detectors arrive. Once all is paid by that underwriter and the detectors are received, the detector fund will reimburse that person for that total amount. Detectors will be ordered as the fund receives enough money to make a bulk order and pay estimated taxes.

    A spreadsheet with serial numbered donations will be published on the Chiang Rai Ties Forum for all to see. As each donation is received, a numbered receipt will be issued to the donor and that serial number, along with the amount donated, will be added to the spreadsheet. If anyone wants their name or the name of the business or group that is making the donation to be included in the spreadsheet, that info will go next to their donation amount and serial number.

    As money is spent on detectors or batteries, that debit amount will be posted to the spreadsheet and deducted from the amount of funds available for the next purchase.

    The idea is to find multiple-person-occupancy buildings and install the detectors. The buildings/locations will be added to a maintenance spreadsheet and once a year, a volunteer group will arrive there, replace the batteries, test the detectors and replace any that do not function. Install/maintenance groups will need: Power drills, hammer drills, extension cords, ladders, etc.

    Steve will need several people to help with this project. He wants to see this thing go but he would really appreciate several people stepping up to take certain responsibilities. Rather than Steve doing it all, the responsibilities can be shared by others. If you wish to take a piece of this, let Steve know. Also know that you can step down at any time and another person can take over. You aren't committing to a lifetime of doing this if you take a piece of it.

    Any building manager or group manager who receives installed detectors will be required to sign a hold-harmless document that states that the group/groups/project involved in the installation is NOT liable for any loss or injuries after the installations/maintenance/replacements. The idea here is to do some good but to not be a point of blame if there is a failure of equipment for any reason.

    Businesses and groups:
    If you have a business or group that wants to participate, those are welcome. Talk with Steve about your idea of how you wish to participate.

    Businesses and group acknowledgement: Chiang Rai Ties Forum will post your logo banner in association with your help with this project if you wish for such acknowledgement. Contact Chiang Rai Ties Forum for help with logo creation or adding the logo to the forum. The logo can link back to your business or group forum thread or your website.

    It is good if anyone can encourage groups in other provinces to do the same thing. It is good if more than one group is doing this project in the same province and even better if they are coordinating with each other so that buildings are not visited twice or more in seeking candidates for the program. I will attempt to find someone to translate the finished product of this idea and then post it to the local Thai forum and websites. I suspect many groups would like to be involved in this and if there are ten groups doing their own version of this project here, that is a win for children and parents. No person or group needs to be recognized as the owner of such an effort. The more owners, the better.

    Buildings to be serviced in the project:
    Steve will need nominations for buildings/locations that are in need of this type of help. It is very good to make nominations, with clear directions to the location and a point of contact and it is even better if whoever is doing the nominating has gotten actual permission from building owners/administrators to proceed with an inspection prior to installation. Permission and a scouting trip are necessary before any work can move forward at any location.

    Naming buildings or organizations that receive the help is maybe NOT a good idea unless they ask for such naming. Perhaps better to just say a building or buildings in such and such a district were outfitted with (any) number of detectors on (any) date by this (any) group.

    At this point, I will leave this open to discussion and at a later date, will actually start a specific thread to address who, what, when , where, and how much and will update that thread as needed. For now, ideas, thoughts, volunteers? What haven't we addressed, what are we overlooking?
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