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The Oldest House Around

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by ianyonok, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. If you are up around the Chiang Khong, Wiang Kaen area you may see some signs like this;
    2017-04-18 16.09.19.jpg
    The fairly new signs indicate various tourist sites.
    There are a lot of Thai Lue people living around the Bahn Sri Donchai area and they appear to be prolific weavers.
    2017-04-18 16.12.56.jpg
    2017-04-18 16.14.19.jpg 2017-04-18 16.14.39.jpg 2017-04-18 16.16.37.jpg
    2017-04-18 16.16.43.jpg
    There seemed to be a loom outside almost every house in the village.
    2017-04-18 16.20.35.jpg 2017-04-18 16.20.39.jpg 2017-04-18 16.22.41.jpg
    Not a lot of action in the museums. You probably need to be there at holiday time to see more Thai Lue people and weaving etc.
    2017-04-18 16.22.46.jpg 2017-04-18 16.23.20.jpg 2017-04-18 16.26.32.jpg
    The Lue Lai Kham Museum is worth a visit. It is marked on the GT Rider Golden Triangle Map, where the 1020 meets the 1155 at Sri Donchai.

    2017-04-18 16.25.17.jpg 2017-04-18 16.25.35.jpg
    Actually, the museum was closed, but the coffee shop at the back....... well worth stopping at.
    2017-04-18 15.38.35.jpg
    There is only one old house left in the area; the 100 Year old Huen Euay Kham.
    2017-04-18 16.16.08.jpg
    It doesn't look that special, but still wonderful. The only all wooden house left around, built in the days of only dirt roads. I bet there has been some fascinating history there in the last century.
    The gate was closed but people are still living in it, which is great. Hopefully, this house will be preserved, unlike so many that have been replaced by concrete.
    2017-04-18 16.06.58.jpg
    2017-04-18 16.07.54.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting this one.

    I've been to that closed museum place across the street from Lue Lai Kham, but damned if I can find my photos of it or any report on it.
    So it must be time to go back for another look - perhaps after school holidays?

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