The Ranong Mountain Challenge!

Discussion in 'South Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by Blue Max, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Shorter version on Youtube, it's quality is better too I think.

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    A bit about the journey.

    Setting out was fine and traffic was light (a big plus in Ranong).

    Up and into the mountain was a little tricky to get back into again, especially as you're faced with steep climbs.
    No fast cars to race on this leg, just a skirmish with a silver pick-up.
    The full journey took about half an hour (to the Chumpon border bridge) but I've edited it somewhat for brevity and the fact that LiveVideo and Youtube have restrictions on how long and how much you can upload to their servers.

    The rest of the journey was pretty boring to say the least, although some potholes north of Chumpon nearly gave me a close encounter with the guard rail! (more on this for my next videos).

    Safe riding out there folks.

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