Tips On Planning A Round-the-country Trip (thailand)

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    Hi there. I will be moving away from beloved Thailand soon but before I go I'm planning one last hurrah, a bike trip looping almost the entire country.

    Looking for any and all advice - staying comfortable and safe on a trip of this scope, packing, routes, places of interest, etc.

    As of now I'm looking at going from BKK > Hua Hin > Kanchanaburi > Mae Sot > Umphang > Mae Hong Son > Pai > Chiang Rai > Nan > Phetchabun > Loie > Bueng Kan > ... and this is where I'm stopping my plans. Not sure if I'll continue down along the Mekong or just cut straight down through Kalasin, Roi Et, Buriram, etc. Ultimately I'd like to end up in Trat > Koh Chang > Pattaya > BKK

    I have some specific roads I want to try, and a few sites I want to see, but I'm keeping my itinerary as open as possible. Any thing you'd say is a must see? What about packing? Aside from the obvious tools, chain care, wet gear, blah blah.

    Is 3 weeks a reasonable amount of time to do this? Some places I intend on spending more time and others will just be 1 night stop over. The most riding I've ever done in a day was about 600km, and that was rough so I'm trying to stay modest with my daily distance estimates.
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    Try this from off GTR
    Touring Overview

    Check out the Top Ten Roads in North Thailand.

    Trip Reports. Places to go & see on the Mae Hong Son Loop
    Pottering Round the Mae Hong Son Loop.
    Mapping Towns on the Mae Hong Son Loop.
    Mae Chaem a meander.
    Pai the Chill Out Town.

    Some highlights of touring the Golden Triangle / top North
    A Top End Meander
    Doi Pha Tang
    The Big Dipper
    Phu Chi Fah

    Mountain roads on the GT – Laos border run.
    Doi Ang Khang
    Doi Larng
    Doi Mae Salong
    Doi Tung
    Doi Pha Tang
    Phu Chi Fah
    Phaya Phipak – the big dipper.


    The attractions of the North East
    The attractions of the South
    The attractions of Kanchanburi

    Also take a lok at this one

    Is 3 weeks enough for the whole country - nah.
    Take a month & your time.
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