Trail Riding around Phuket

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    Hi,first post for me.
    I live on Phuket and do some trail riding around the hills here on a 2009 KLX 140L.
    First a little about the bike.
    As it`s basically made as a kids enduro.It had a very restrictive exhaust and small carb on it so the first thing to do was to get a FMF exhaust sourced from the US and a 24mm keihin carb locally,to get it breathing and boost the hp a bit.
    The 140 has slightly smaller wheels,19" front 16" rear but i find the sizes to be quite ideal for the often rocky and washed out terrain that i regularly ride on.
    The hills that i usually ride stretch from Kamala in the west past Patong to Kathu which is in the centre of the island and as are as high as 200m+ in places..
    There`s a good mix of steep mountain climbs,slow 1st gear rocky sections and creek crossings to some flat out power sliding mono wheeling 3rd and 4th gear stuff too.
    And some nice scenery with waterfalls,creeks,old growth forest and one point on a clear day the limestone cliffs of Phang Nga bay as well.
    Some pics,

    Patong Bay
    Phang Nga Bay in the distance
    The little KLX and the village of Kamala and Surin beach further on
    Patong Beach
    One of the highest parts and fairly good going
    Some of the old growth forest,trees here maybe 80m or more high
    Read out from GPS
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    Interesting report, wouldn't mind joining you sometime on my KLX 250 (when the rain stops)

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