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    To begin with I thought I would never get the trike on the road in Thailand. The customs SUCK big time. It took 10 long days for the customs to clear the trike. The longest ever and I have been travelling for 7 years. Thailand very different from any other culture I have come across and that is what my trip around the world is all about. Getting to understand the world we live in and the freedom. The roads are good but the type of driving is death defying. Caution at all times. I did not like Pattaya too full on with bars and music blearing. The roads in that area are not so good as they are still developing the highways. When they get it done it will be great. To the east the plains and the paddy fields. The centre of Thailand has a great highway system and well signed posted. I only took one wrong turn the whole time I was there. Go to Thailand see for yourself it is worth a ride round.
    Trike Trek Trip
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    Great meeting up with you on the bridge going into Laos. I enjoyed the nighttime drinking & socializing in Vientiane. Despite the 11.30 pm closing time, its getting pretty damn good there isn't it?
    If you don’t get into China as planned, & I don’t like your chances, then don’t forget to head over this way to Chiang Mai & North Thailand for the best biking in S E Asia. I'm sure I can point you in the right direction for some seriously good riding / drinking / socializing......
    And if you're still around in Nov / Dec, the good DR G, Bob "sensible" Sensale, Don & Uuh, Stan the Man, plus quite a few others will be around, touring the region for good company. Life on the road aint too bad at times..............

    Meanwhile for Laos take a look at my summary of 5 weeks in Laos
    for some tips

    Keep the power on

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