Tung Yai Narasuan

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    Made a couple of trips into Tung Yai last month. One of the trips was from the Songkla Buri end entering the park and driving to the first major ranger station at Ko sadeng. This was just 15km but had 18 river crossings. This was pretty much the limit for the Pajero and although we run A/T tyres there just was not enough ground clearance to go any further. Need to get those shock put in and get the underside plated. You can't use anything more than 32inch wheels anyway as the bigger off road clearance creates ruts too deep later in the year. Great people met on the trip and lots of support form the Rangers

    Sorry about the wobbly camera work but you get the idea of whats involved.
    We also did a trip to the other end of Tung Yai near Baan Klity, I'll post on that when I have finished the pictures.
    Planning for the complete circuit is well underway but will probably have to wait until next Feb.
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