Tyres - what where to get them.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by DavidFL, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A common question. So what do you use? Where do you get them?

    For me
    THE BIKE: Africa Twin.

    1. OEMs Bridgestone Trail Wings for off road & wet season.
    2. On road dry season Michelin Anakees or Dunlops.

    Order in Chiang Mai via G3 / Samoto / Piston Shop.
    Please yourself, but G3 is usually cheapest.
    http://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... -t633.html

    Note that if you're upcountry, "everything" is usually just an overnight truck trip from Bangkok.
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  3. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I always use Metzlers MEZ4 or 6 or MEZ1
    from paddock, dont like bridgestones, dunlops but if no metzlers around will use MIchelin Pilots for the Ducati.
  4. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    He's arguably the best source for tyres in BKK, except for Metzler which I believe is Paddock.
  5. dotcom

    dotcom Ol'Timer

  6. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Rik,

    Interesting revealation, didn't know about this shop before, on top it's not so far from my location thus, I will definitively visit them.

    I visited their web site and the offer seems quite wide, let us check.

    Thanks for the info. however it would be to move this in the proper topic, don't you think ? David has opened a section for shops, could be an interesting info to include in.
  7. JohhnyE

    JohhnyE Ol'Timer

    After calling the two numbers listed on K. Pat's website many times over many days without answer I gave up.
    dotcom you have mentioned (promoted)this guy before but the service is non existent.
    At least they could have replied to the many missed calls but they didn't.
    Seems they don't want the business you are trying to get for them.
  8. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    My little VTR250 has the same tire size as a CB400 - 110/70/17 front, 140/70/17 rear. Are there any CB400 riders out there who can share their experience with their tires in that size? - Before I get flamed again for being too lazy to google (which I already did and found a lot of nice tires) I'm interested in a sport-touring tire that lasts longer than 5000km but isn't too hard, either. Now I've got Bridgestone Excedra but I'd rather get somethin better like AVONs or Michelins.
  9. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    Their website seems to be updated. I will visit the shop (near my house) and check it out and tell them to answer the ferkin phone.
  10. deckx

    deckx Active Member

  11. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    The shop is, indeed, there. The lady speaks no English or was completely dumbstruck by my appearance; the chap is fluent.

    They had lots of Pirelli tyres, a pair for my bike would be 13000B. It turns out they are the co-sponsors of the Bira track days that I go to (one coming up next Saturday)

    The shop sells everything you could possibly want to buy as long as you ride a GSXR. They have Ferodo brake pads and will order them for your bike. I still don't know why they don't answer the telephone.
  12. deckx

    deckx Active Member

    Hi, you said he is shipping them to you ? can he deliver to pattaya without actualy going to his shop and what payment does he use ?
  13. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    You could probably get Pirellis left at Bira for you at the weekend.
  14. deckx

    deckx Active Member

    You could probably get Pirellis left at Bira for you at the weekend.
    I might call into Showpow when i get back , its close to Onut station ??
    What tires did you buy for 13,000 baht ?
  15. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    It is not walking distance from BTS. Get a taxi or give me a ring and I will give you a lift. Mobile number is PMd to you.

    Tyres are Corsa, I think. I didn't buy them.
  16. deckx

    deckx Active Member

    Cheers Dave, got a set off the buy&sell section so can avoid a trip to Bangkok for the time being..
  17. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Tyres - the WHAT I got sorted out, now comes the WHERE. I'm looking for a reliable shop that ships them to my village. I've tried this very helpful link:
    which lists three tyre dealers.
    Big Bendum (love that name!!) also mentioned above hasn't answered three emails. I prefer emails since there's less room for misunderstandings, like spelling of names, adresses or sizes. I'll give the guy a call today and ask him about the emails.
    Dumrong I've dealt with before, he sent two front tires, then told me "That's okay, don't worry about it." I then went up to BKK, paid 400 baht for a MC taxi, tires aeound my neck, took the tires back. He's super busy, permanently on the phone and doesn't have time for a guy who wants only a couple of bike tires. He's chinese, sells car tires by the stack and would sell you his mother if she was made of rubber.
    At "Tire Service" I was informed by a friendly lady that they don't have MC tires, only passenger tires.
    Any recommendations on a reliable shop that will actually send you the right tire? I don't want to wait until I have time for a BKK trip.
  18. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Btw, if you're looking for Dunlop tires, this is the Japan link:
    I googled Dunlop and ended up at the US website; a GT501 is not available in the US but can be imported from Japan, a set for less than 5000 THB excl shipping (CB400 size).
  19. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    You can always go to your local car tyre dealer that's got the brand you want, & ask them to order them in for you. I just did this in Chiang Mai. No luck with the bike shops, so went to a Michelin dealer. He phoned Bkk & got the same answer - no Anakees, but he also dealt in Bridgestones & asked if I would take a set of them. The answer was yes. I paid a 50% deposit & the next day they were in Chiang Mai.
  20. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Thanks, David! That's a good idea, shame on me for not thinking of it! I just didn't put CAR and BIKE together... We have a big Michelin dealer here and I wanted the Pilot Active, not the Dunlop GT 501 which I could order in BKK. And having them shipped to a well known address is another little bonus; I just moved house and it ususally takes them a while to adjust to the new address. I sent a postcard to myself just to check and it hasn't arrived yet.
  21. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    I do this with valentine's cards, too.
  22. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Did you get it? It's been almost a week and the card is neither at the old house nor the new one... time for a visit to the post office for a polite chat...
    Went to two CAR tire dealers, both were taken very much bys urprise when asked for otorcycle tires, said, they don't have any, which was obvious. When I asked them to please call Bankok and inquire about the possibility to get some MC tires sent here, they politely refused; I felt like I had asked them to ship a family sized box of condoms.
    But then I tried all the motorcycle shops in my village, practically went door to door, spent all afternoon, and ended up at a shop run by chinese thai. They at least took the tire sizes and promised to call me back. Maybe they will.
    This is just a small town with one traffic light that works maybe once a week and two 7/11s. It's not worth for them to go out of their way for a small order; they just want to get through their day with as little hassle as possible. - Maybe the chines-thai shop will call me back.
    I've sent an email to Dumrong two days ago asking for the exact price incl shipping and their account number, I'm ready to order, but no answer yet.
  23. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Originally I wanted Michelin Pilot Actives but I had a hard time getting either Michelin or Bridgestones in BKK over the phone. Now I got Dunlop GT501s for 4500 THB total from Dumrong Yont, 110/70/17 and 140/70/17. Shipping and mounting extra.
  24. dotcom

    dotcom Ol'Timer

    Here is the number I have for Pat.


    His wife is fluent in English & speaks with an Australian accent.

    Very friendly & helpful people. He had a set of sliders custom made for me. Also Ferrodo pads for my Brembos.
  25. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    I live literally 2 minutes away from Paddock so if anyone is needing tyres or anything else from there, PM me and let me know and I can post it up to you.

    I'm usually around the other areas of BKK regularly also so can pretty much pick anything up and post it up North.

    If you could get a group organised when ordering and send items together it would save on freight.
  26. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Cool! - My buddy bought himself a ten-year-old V-Max and I told him to get a decent helmet instead of that silly beanie-thing he's wearing...
    Next time you're at Paddox could you let us know what's the helmet situation? Maybe they have a special on slow moving big-size helmets again...

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