Udon Loie Loop Via the river

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    Udon Thani Loie Loop river run

    We got underway about 0945 From Udon there were three riders and my lovely wife made four. On Guy An American and avid rider Tung Dee ( Gold is Good) A guy I met fro the first time Sabo, not sure where he from but one heck of a nice guy, normally rides with Udon Super Bikes and he sure had one 900CC CBR. Me on my ancient 750 Yamaha. .I knew I was going to be looking at some tail lights, the norm for me. Tung Dee rides a phantom 15o and mean rides at last count he had 16 bikes most of them Phantom 150’s seems to really like them. He likes to cruise at 120 no matter the road so I knew I would be looking at tail lights there as well. These guys were really cool did their thing then waited for me to catch up. Made for great breaks in the ride. This was the first long ride on the 750 since numerous trips to the hop during the rainy season. I am happy to say it just purred all the way through, no problems at all.

    We took 210 to Nung Bua Lampho, there is still a bit of construction going on but nothing to worry about. What you have to watch for is most of the highway is still two lane and thee is a huge amount of truck traffic making for some dicey passing at times.

    At Bang Wai Hai you need to veer over to 201, it’s at a light and as I recall marked in English for Loie, great road in that stretch. We fueled up in Loie, which worked out fine only needed one more fuel stop to finish the ride. All the service station will be on your right as you go through town.

    Out side of town you will come to a T intersection to the right Chaing Khan, till on 201 turn right and you will be on 201 until you hit 2 back to Udon or Nong Khai which ever. When you get Chaing Khan another to T go right. If you take a immediate left it will take you one block over and you will find hotels and nice restaurants right on the river. Good food and not expensive in nice places to eat. I you don’t want to eat just keep going,

    This road can be tricky a lot of the time for the first 50 Km I was at 60 a lot. Not to far out of Chaing Khan the road surface is really bumpy not so much pot hole there are a few just the surface itself uneven. Uneven enough that I was bottoming out a lot. Now the other guys had newer equipment and one person up so they were not bottoming out.

    We discussed it at lunch and decided to part company after lunch I knew the way back from there and they had been gracious enough to hang in their with me. But, I couldn’t help but think I was holding them up and they were not getting much fun out of the ride. It’s just s difference in riding styles I like to take it easy and enjoy the views. They were riding sports bikes and wanted to use them. For Dee cruising at 120 is where he is comfortable where I’m comfortable is 90 to 100. With older equipment you need to baby it a bit if you want to keep riding it. So they headed out together but it was funny they till kept waiting for me at tricky spots. I grateful but I have ridden here for four years and I was OK. They are just nice guys. I try not to ride beyond my capability or my equipments capability.

    There was one section about 40 KMS out that a large road project was under way and you went from asphalt to slippery clay for about 75 meters. The warning you get landslide ahead, well it’s not, but if you don’t slow down you probably will when the bikes slides out from under you LOL.

    Gas station few and far between I set my rip meter at Loie, at 148 KMS I fueled at a station on the right, I had passed one other on the left. That was the last one I saw until Sii Chaing Mai.

    This road between Chaing Khan runs pretty much right along the river, beautiful scenery. But, I did not know the distances so I rode fairly hard for me anyway. I really didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked. Next time I think I will try a hotel in Sii Chaing Mai or Chaing Khan and just take the day to ride there is lots to see.

    Anyway continue down 201 that will take you through Sii Chaing Mai and Tha Bo, it you want to stay on the river road about mid Tha Bo, hang a left and work your way back to the river. That road has been recently redone and I a great stretch of road. Go right and you will end up in beautiful down town Nong Khai.

    If you stay on 201 it will T intersect with Highway 2, you go to go left you want to head to Udon do the first turn around and you will be headed back to Udon, go straight and you will be in Nong Khai. We stopped not to far up the road at the Blue Mountain Coffee stop, good place for a little break and then back to Udon. I was due for fuel again in Udon had to go to service stations to get it. This makes twice this week I have encountered service station’s in the Udon, that did not have gas only diesel. Good reason to keep a close eye on the fuel.

    Door to door left 0930 return 1800 447 kilometers.

    We are going to try to come up with a ride next weekend but it would be more fun to join one of yours instead LOL
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