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    Was in the south of Laos last week and noticed quite a bit of road works.

    1. - Road 18A from Road 13 to the east to Attapeu. On the westside near Rd 13 saw a large construction camp with lots of road building equipment while along both sides of road 18A there were all kinds of markers as well as markers for the center of the road so I assume that this dirt road will be upgraded soon.

    2. - From Pakxe after crossing the bridge over the Mekong a new road is being built to the south along the westside of the Mekong to Champassak and Wat Pou. The road starts at N15.09661 E105.78849. On the north side the asphalting has started but still quite a few bridges are under construction while on the south side they still have to do some more work.

    3. - The dirt road (Rd 1H) from Thateng (Rd 16) to Tang Beng on Rd 20 (Paksong to Saravan) is now completely asphalted.

    4. - The first 30 km of the road from Saravan to the north to Ta-Oi (Rd 15) is now asphalted. This road is going to the Vietnamese border and will be all asphalt in a year or two.

    5. - There is a new dirt road going from Xaysettha to the southwest to a rubber plantation but according to the people there this road links up with Ta-Oum/Vongvilai (have not checked this due to time constraints).

    6. - As also mentioned by David/Mai (see part-three-2up-off-road-northern-laos-to-southern-laos-t7337.html) the road (Rd 9001) from Xaysettha to Paam (Xaysana) is now asphalt while the road from Paam to Chaleunxai (N15.15427 E107.07619) has been upgraded and can easily be done by car. From Chaleunxai it is about 25 km to reach Rd 16 (Sekong to the Vietnamese border) which is also being upgraded.
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