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Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by Auke, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    Crossed the border today (pickup truck) at the Friendship bridge. Asked for my customary 2 week permit but was told that the maximum is now 7 days. Went up to Room 8 to talk to the boss but he was not there. Went to room 6 to ask for him - not sure if it was Miss Kamphaen who was there with another nice lady but they could not help and asked me to look for him downstairs. The office was sanitized as the GT map, which adorned the wall previously, has disappeared.

    Finally located the boss but he did not budge and 1 week is what I got. According to him they won't/can't give more than 1 week on orders from Vientiane.

    Don't know if the other border crossings are equally strict but, considering the no/yes motorcycle allowed to cross the border, there could be a chance that you still can get a 2 week permit at other crossings.

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  3. Rhodie

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    I crossed over Chong Mek/Vang Tao 10 days ago.
    Thai formalities as pleasant as before.
    Laos immigration quick.
    Laos Customs were only interested in selling me insurance.
    When I pressed for the paperwork I received last time thru in July, they just waved me through.
    Now I was in laos without Laos customs p/work. So I called David FL who just asked me what time I had crossed -about 1645-
    and surmised that the fella who signs off on the docs had probably left for the day.
    4 days later crossing into Cambodia the Laos customs asked for the paperwork - and it didn't take much to convince them that their counterparts at smaller crossing points "after hours" may have additional benefits if you want to take a vehicle in for more than a week.
    Does anybody know if there is a fine based on overstaying the 7 day permit?
  4. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    Apparently the rules have been relaxed again as yesterday (10 Sep. 06), when I asked for a two week permit, I was told: OK, no problem as long as you pay.


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